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How to train "timedelaynet" using "trainNetwork" function in Deep Learning Toolbox?

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I have build a Time delay neural network and I wanna avoid use "train" function, and I want to train it using "trainNetwork" function to be able to use 'Adam' optimizer. is it possible ? If yes, How?

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Varun Sai Alaparthi
Varun Sai Alaparthi il 21 Ott 2022
Modificato: Varun Sai Alaparthi il 21 Ott 2022
Hello Abdelwahab,
As of now it is not possible to train ‘timedelaynet’ using ‘trainNetwork’. If you are interested in using ‘trainNetwork, it might be better to model your data using ‘LSTM’ or ‘GRU’ networks which are supported by ‘trainNetwork’.
Please refer to this link for examples on time series analysis using our deep learning API:
Other possible work around to use ‘trainNetwork would be to design custom training loop for ‘timedelaynetand use ‘Adam’ optimiser in the training.
Please refer to this link for example on custom training loop:


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