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How to solve this issue with "libmat.dll'?

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Hi all,
I compiled a simulink model using the function "rtwbuild('Name of simulink model')" but when have attempted to execute the ".exe" it gives me this message of error.

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Shubham Khatri
Shubham Khatri il 7 Mag 2021
This error may occur because a copy of the DLL in question resides somewhere on the system that is getting loaded before the expected version of of the DLL located in the MCR runtime directories.
To resolve this issue, make sure to remove any extra copies of the offending DLL files located on the machine.
  1. The DLL is located in MATLABROOT/bin/win32. Add this location to the system environmental variable "Path".
  2. This error may also indicate that the file "libmx.dll" is missing from your MATLAB installation directory. This can occur if certain antivirus software is installed and it quarantines the file. To resolve the issue, open the antivirus software and restore the quarantined file "libmx.dll".

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