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How Can I Show a txt File in a GUI ?

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Serhat Sayim
Serhat Sayim il 5 Mar 2021
Risposto: Jorg Woehl il 5 Mar 2021
I have a 5 txt file about informations of 5 different people . I designed a drop down menu about 5 people in the guı as you can see in the figure.For instance when I click to person 1 at the drop down it will show the first txt file. Should I put Edit field or text area into a guı to show the text files? How can I show these text files in the GUI ?

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Jorg Woehl
Jorg Woehl il 5 Mar 2021
A text area would be the way to go, as it will show a scroll bar and wrap text if the content of the textfile is larger than the space available. Just make sure that you make it non-editable in App Designer (Inspector > Interactivity) if you only want to show the text but not allow the user to edit it.
I suppose you have one textfile per person. In this case, the callback for the dropdown menu could look similar to this:
value = app.DropDown.Value;
% choose the correct textfile depending on which person was selected
switch value
case 'Option 1'
myfile = 'person1.txt';
case 'Option 2'
% open the file and display its contents in the text area
fileID = fopen(myfile);
C = textscan(fileID, '%s', 'Delimiter', '\n');
app.TextArea.Value = C{1};
To get to the callback, right-click on the dropdown menu and select Callbacks > DropDownValueChanged callback.
Note that you will have to adjust the callback code if you change the names of the options in the dropdown menu (Option 1, Option 2, etc.).

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