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Can use seqpdist with non biological sequences?

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huda nawaf
huda nawaf il 21 Mag 2013
Chiuso: MATLAB Answer Bot il 20 Ago 2021
hi, I'm using equence alignmnet tool in my work. But I deal with nonbiological sequence.
I used dynamic programming to do alignmnet between each two sequences, so the running time is very long.
The exist toolbox of paralel computing for biological sequences only such seqpdist .
Are there someone use this toolbox for non biological sequences. Can I used it in my work because I'm suffereing big problem in my work because of running time when have large nmber of sequences.
the running time requeires some days sometimes. So, plese plese I badly need help , I sent previous question about design parallel computing code for sequence alignmnet , but no one help.

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