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Can I make MATLAB Grader regrade questions?

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Enrique Blair
Enrique Blair il 8 Mar 2021
Modificato: Jeff Alderson il 8 Mar 2021
I'm new to using MATLAB Grader in my university's Canvas learning management system (LMS).
I gave my students a test, and one Canvas-integrated problem was all-or-nothing because I forgot to set the "Assessment Method" to "weighted" instead of "correct/incorrect". Is it possible to change the Assessment Method to "weighted" and then have Canvas/MATLAB Grader re-evaluate student scores? The students will then have partial credit, and everyone will be happy.

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Jeff Alderson
Jeff Alderson il 8 Mar 2021
Modificato: Jeff Alderson il 8 Mar 2021
Yes, you can do this using the Rescore Solutions feature that was made available in January 2021.
As an instructor, in Canvas, navigate to the problem you wish to modify. After changing the assessments to weighted, and then saving your problem as final again, look at the top of the MATLAB Grader interface for the "Rescore All Solutions" link.
After clicking this link you will be prompted to confirm that you want to rescore all solutions for all students that have already submitted a response to this assignment.
Upon confirmation, you will see a notice that the rescoring process has started. It usually takes less than five minutes for this process to begin, and could take up to an hour to complete, based on how many students and solutions exist for this problem.
Check back in your Gradebook in Canvas, and you should start to see grades updated to reflect the partial weighting that you intended. You can also look at your Gradebook History to see that all of the grades you were expecting to change were processed successfully.


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