Unable to change the date in .fig

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NN on 10 Mar 2021
Answered: Gargi Patil on 12 Apr 2021
Hi , i use this below code and not able to change the date from Dec 31 1899. .Fig image is attached.I would like to change the date from Dec 31 1899 to 17 Feb 2020
Please help .i am getting this error when i try to change the date in edit .fig .
Unable to convert 'Feb' to datetime using the format 'MMM dd, u, HH:mm'. If the date/time text contains day, month, or time zone names in a language foreign to the 'en_US' locale, those might not be recognized. You can specify a different locale using the 'Locale' parameter
outd = datetime(s,plugin, 'convertfrom', 'excel');

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Gargi Patil
Gargi Patil on 12 Apr 2021
I understand that you would like to display dates read from an excel file.
You can try the following:
  1. In the provided code, it is unclear what the first parameter passed to datetime() i.e. s contains. Ensure that it complies with the valid input arguments for datetime()
  2. Ensure that the data in the spreadsheet has dates in the correct format. You can use readtable() to get data from the excel sheet. You can refer to the following answer for further details regarding it: https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/answers/577180-how-to-use-datetime-datestr
  3. Specify the input format in datetime()
  4. To display the date in the figure, you can pass the value returned by datetime() to datestr() as follows:
t = datetime('now','TimeZone','local','Format','d-MMM-y');
datestr(t,'dd mmm yyyy');
You can use the following documentations as reference:


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