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Setting the end time in Simulink through an m-file; Online help seems to be wrong and unhelpful

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I am using commands like the following:
However, MATLAB is totally ignoring what I set as the StoptTime and continues using what has been placed in the simulink model window. How do I automate this so I can change the stoptime from within an mfile?

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang il 10 Mar 2021
Open the model, run the first line and check the model, you will see the 'StopTime' is changed.
The problem is with the second line. Give it a return variable like out=sim('practicesimmodel') and check the result.
This is really the problem with the Mathworks.
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John Anthony Rossiter
John Anthony Rossiter il 10 Mar 2021
thanks. This seems to work but is totally bizarre and not an obvious debug result. Why doesnt mathworks make this more obvious in the help or fix it?

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