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How can I plot a txt file in a GUI?

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Serhat Sayim
Serhat Sayim il 10 Mar 2021
Commentato: Rik il 11 Mar 2021
I have sound and flow data for 5 different patients in text form. The text files starting with yk are the data of the patients' sound and flow. 5 text files such as firstwswe, secondwswe ... are the data of the start and end points of the patients' wheezing in that sound. How can I draw these text files for each individual patient. For example, when the user selects option 1, the data of the first patient will be on the screen.I am attaching the first text files here in order to see the content of the text. I will be glad if you can help.

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Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE il 10 Mar 2021
for each case, once you have loaded the data you can easily plot them like this :
data1 = load('yk130505sk403.txt');
samples = size(data1,1);
% you can follow the same logic for the second file
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Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE il 11 Mar 2021
maybe someone else can figure it , I do not really work with apps
Rik il 11 Mar 2021
AddDesigner works with UIFigures.
That means you will have to explicitly state the handle to your uiaxes object in which you want to plot.

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