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How best to gather signals from all over a SIMULINK model to one subsystem

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Attached is a simple SIMULINK example I created, where several signals are sent via goto blocks to a subsystem. The "get data" subsystem puts all of these values into a mux, and the constant input to this subsytem selects one of them for output. For my actual application this constant value will be a variable in the Matlab workspace, and will depend upon data in a file that is read in before the SIMULINK code is executed. This all works as I want it to, but it is very messy, with goto blocks everywhere cluttering up the model. In my real application I would have quite a lot more of these goto blocks (some coming from libraries too). I am looking for a way to replicate the functionality of this example without using goto blocks. Is there a "cleaner" clutter-free way to do this?
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Aryaman Pandav
Aryaman Pandav il 13 Mar 2021
I'm also keen to hear the answer to this. I have so far not come across a way to do this without using Goto blocks.

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Pat Gipper
Pat Gipper il 14 Mar 2021
I moved your root model into a subsystem and used Bus Element Out(s), which was then connected to a new input on "get data" subsystem that uses Bus Element In(s). This is a little cleaner then Goto/From tags, especially if you use "Compact Notation" which removes the bus name from each element.
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Chad Rutherford
Chad Rutherford il 15 Mar 2021
Thanks for the response. I certainly could do something like this, but I think for a large model it would still be pretty messy. I ultimately want to bring signals together from all over a very large simulation, with multiple libraries and quite a lot of subsystems within subsystems. I think with this I would end up either with lines all over the place feeding into a bus creator subsystem, or I would have the same goto/from problem except this time the "from" blocks would appear in the bus subsystem.

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