How to make prediction using DNN, LSTM, RNN, CNN regression models?.

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Hello everyone,
I want to make prediction using DNN, LSTM, RNN, CNN. I have data for trian and test containing inputs and output. Also, i have data for predcit (inputs only), and I want to apply these models to predict output. I have attached simple three excel sheets files from these data. Please, How to use these models to predict output based on inputs-variables in predcit-excel sheet file after training and testing processes.
Waiting for your kind help.
All regards

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Rishik Ramena
Rishik Ramena on 21 Mar 2021
A few basic steps for approaching a prediction problem:
  • Read the data into MATLAB (train, test and predict)
  • Define your network(DNN, LSTM, CNN)
  • Specify the train and test data in the options and Train your network using the train data
  • Use the trained network to predict on your prediction data
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Ahmed Elbeltagi
Ahmed Elbeltagi on 22 Mar 2021
Thanks for your response
Please can you send me the codes for each algorithm (DNN, LSTM, CNN, RNN) based on the attached excel sheet data
Thanks in advance

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