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select bus elements programmatically

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I have signals in a SIMULINK bus and I would like to select specific signals from it. The issue is that I want to run an initialization script that will decide which subset of signals to select. I see that you can select bus signals manually via the bus selector block. Is there any way to perform this function programmatically?

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Uday Pradhan
Uday Pradhan il 17 Mar 2021
You can select the signals to be passed through the bus selector by using:
%Say we want to choose the signals 1 and 2 to pass through the Bus
%selector, then we can do:
Here gcb contains the name of the block i.e. in my case:
>> gcb
ans =
'trial/Bus Selector'
where 'trial' is my model's name. I hope this helps! More information on Bus selector can be found here:Bus selector block (check the Programmatic Use sections)

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