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For loop indexing problem

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Francis Chabot
Francis Chabot il 1 Apr 2021
Commentato: Francis Chabot il 1 Apr 2021
I'm trying to use a for loop to be able to create a new matrix much more quickly. The loop is :
for ii=1:Nco;
for jj=1:Nyrs
BMactive(:,jj) = [idact(:), BMact(:,jj)];
Where Nco correspond to the numbers of company which is 749, Nyrs correspond to the numbers of years which is 20, idact is a 749x1 matrix and BMact is a 749x20 matrix.
What I'm trying to do is to create 20 matrix of 749x2 which are form of idact and each colon of BMact and I can't figure out a way to do so.
Best regards

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Bob Thompson
Bob Thompson il 1 Apr 2021
Modificato: Bob Thompson il 1 Apr 2021
Part of the problem is that you're trying to push a 749x2 matrix into an array of 749x1 size (BMactive(:,jj) only calls one column at a time).
As for creating 20 matrices, do you really need 20 matrices, or do you just want 20 sets of the information? Creating a number of matrices is generally not recommended with MATLAB, instead we generally recommend you index to another dimension. See the following as an example:
for ii=1:Nco; % Is there more content within the loop? Because this doesn't actually do anything with
% what you've posted
for jj=1:Nyrs
BMactive(:,:,jj) = [idact(:), BMact(:,jj)]; % Adjusted BMactive indexing
The simple change implemented should change BMactive to be the size of 749x2x20, where each 'sheet' is your 749x2 array that you wanted to put into a separate array. If you need to call it specifically, just index to the desired sheet.
If this does not address your problem at all, please explain more, because I clearly don't understand.
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Francis Chabot
Francis Chabot il 1 Apr 2021
I was thinking to do it in 20 matrix but with this loop I can wasily extract them after so it worked like a charm! And yes I forgot to remove the for ii.
Thank you

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