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Karlee Bolle
Karlee Bolle on 6 Apr 2021
Answered: Dimitri MANKOV on 7 Dec 2021
Why does the newest versoin of MATLAb no longer support XPC Target Explorer? I have a target box that controls an excavator and the whole code is through MATLAB R2009b and we wanted to have the newest version of MATLB to upgrade the code; however when I tried to connect to the target box, I could not find the explorer. I then read that the explorer has been dropped by MATLAB, but didn't say why. Also because the newest version of MATLAB no longer supports XPC Target Explorer, what is the newest version that does support it.
Thank you

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Dimitri MANKOV
Dimitri MANKOV on 7 Dec 2021
Hi Karlee,
xPC Target has been replaced by Simulink Real-Time quite some time ago (around 2014, if I'm not mistaken). Simulink Real-Time Explorer is most probably the replacement tool you're looking for (here is the documentation for the version used up to R2020a, and here's its replacement in R2020b and later).
Furthermore, support for custom target hardware has been removed from Simulink Real-Time in R2018a. Starting from that release, only Speedgoat target machines are supported.
For more information, have a look at www.speedgoat.com and at the Release Notes for Simulink Real-Time.

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