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simulink error- no top menu

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Minji Park
Minji Park il 7 Apr 2021
Commentato: Tobias Hilpold il 29 Apr 2021
Why isn't the top menu coming out?

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Shubham Khatri
Shubham Khatri il 23 Apr 2021
Hello, We are aware of this issue and is currently under investigation by the development team.
As of now you can try the following:
-regenerate the prefdir
rehash toolboxcache
-try a clean reinstallation
-try disabling firewalls
If the problem persists, please check your video drivers if they are up to date.
Hope it helps
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Tobias Hilpold
Tobias Hilpold il 29 Apr 2021
I have the exact same Problem. I checked my video dreivers and followed your instructions, but nothing helped. Hope you can fix the issue soon.

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