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Which Toolbox would be recommended/ideal for conducting vibration analysis of Functionally Graded material

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I am looking for a toolbox that allows
i) Modelling of a shaft with ability to change properties along a direction.
ii) Modify end supports (ex: pin type, fixed, roller type, etc.)
iii) Conduct modal analysis, frequency responce, etc.
iv) Use of FEM to solve eigen value problems.
I am using PDE toolbox to try and achieve this but am unable to define the end supports to be pin type. (any advice on how to accomplish this would also be appreciated)

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Pratheek Punchathody
Pratheek Punchathody il 28 Apr 2021
In the PDE toolbox you can look into the Example on Vibration of Square Plate. With Structural Mechanics you can predict how components behave under loading, vibration, and other physical effects. This helps you design robust mechanical components by validating designs through simulation and reducing the need for physical testing.
Hope this helps..


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