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I am relativly new to neural networks, but I want to design one, which can perform the following task:
I have two vectors with length N, which either do or do not contain certain property. I would like to train a neural network using many arrays, for which I know if this property is present or not. At the end, after introducing a new array (set of 2), it should be able to distinguish if this array has the predefined property and return true/false (of course with certain confidence).
I will be gratefull if you could give me directions/reading material on how to accomplish this.
Thank you

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Jon Cherrie
Jon Cherrie il 14 Apr 2021
It might be that you can solve this as sequence classification problem, e.g.,
It sounds like you can treat the two vectors of length N as a sequence of length N with two channels -- that would be the input to the network. Then the output would a classification of "property is present or not."


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