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how change the colors with heatmap ?

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huda nawaf
huda nawaf il 2 Lug 2013
I used heatmap to show the clusters, but the colors is black and red.
how change these colors?
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huda nawaf
huda nawaf il 4 Lug 2013
*Thanks , I resolved the problem of heatmap with not default colors, but happen another problem.
My matrix data (17770*17770) with size 2 GB. what I want is show these data using heatmap This is my code:
map=[0 0.5 0.5;0.5 1 1];
it takes more than two hours , then get help out of memory.
Are there a way to avoid this problem?
Thanks in advance*

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per isakson
per isakson il 2 Lug 2013
Doc on bioinformation tb says:
HeatMap(Data, ...'Colormap', ColormapValue, ...)
and see
colormap, Set and get current colormap


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