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Plotting Several 2D Spatial Cross-section Data in 3D (GPR Data)

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I have some ground penetration radar (GPR) data. Note that a GPR instrument is ran along the ground surface (along a line) and the subsurface data are gathered. In a surveyed area, many lines are ran. Hence, when I am importing the data in MATLAB, I have a 2D cross section (using contourf) plot. I want to show all the cross sections (the sections are 0.5m apart) in one single 3D plot. The overall aim is to interpolate the points (with similar values/characteristics) in the cross sections in order to create a 3D model. How do I plot these cross sections in one 3D plot? Thank you in advance. (Image: one cross section of GPR data)

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Constantino Carlos Reyes-Aldasoro
In terms of functions you can use mesh, surf, isosurface, isocaps and others. But what is more important is what you are trying to display. When you plot in 3D you will face several issues, namely that there may be obstructions, so you may choose to use transparency, remove certain regions etc. Can you expand on what you want?

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