Image Segmentation built into MATLAB?!

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Philip on 24 May 2011
Does anyone know if there are any image segmentation methods built into any of the MATLAB toolboxes? I have tried a 'lookfor' on the word 'segment' but haven't found anything interesting...

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Wolfgang Schwanghart
Wolfgang Schwanghart on 24 May 2011

Hi Philip, look at the function watershed. In addition, there is a very good example using morphological reconstruction.

doc watershed

Cheers, W.

Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 24 May 2011
doc gt
doc lt
doc ge
doc le
doc eq
doc im2bw %Image Processing Toolbox (and doc graythresh)
doc edge %IPT
doc imerode %IPT
doc imdilate %IPT
doc imopen %IPT
doc imclose %IPT
doc bwareaopen %IPT
doc bwmorph %IPT
Just a few of them... If you want real information you'll have to provide images with expected results.
Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 24 May 2011
The sky and road are easy: a lower threshold on the blue channel, i.e.:
>> Ibw = I(:,:,3)<90; %blue less than 90
The grass can be done with an AND statement and a lower threshold on the green channel. A few morphological operations would get you what you want.

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