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what is the matlab code for barcode scanning?

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i am doing a B.E.project on supermarket billing system in which a code for scanning barcode is required

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per isakson
per isakson il 3 Lug 2013
Did you search the File Exchange?
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ankita il 4 Lug 2013
yes,i searched but i want a code that can create a database of products and when they are scanned the information of that product should be displayed, just like in supermarket.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 4 Lug 2013
That's far beyond the scope of what we can offer to help you with. Why don't you get a bar code reader that acts like a keyboard (a really common type)? Then you scan a code and ask the user via inputdlg() what the item is. Then enter the code and the description into your database (somehow). We can't really write this large application for you - it could take weeks or years depending on how comprehensive you want it to be. There is a database toolbox if you're interested.

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fewf il 31 Dic 2013
i happen to came accross some barcode scanning codes on the web. but i was just wondering what kinds of barcode are you searching, i have code 39, code 93 and code 128.


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