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How to find prime numbers between two inputs?

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How can I create a column vector with all prime numbers between two outputs? Eg. [10,100] and [200,20]. The two outputs can be in ascending or descending order. How can I code to satisfy these two conditions? Thank you.

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Pratheek Punchathody
Pratheek Punchathody il 28 Apr 2021
We can use the "min()" and "max()" function to get the smallest and the largest numbers. "primes(n)" function is used to get all the prime numbers less than the 'n'.
Below code takes the input and displays all the prime numbers between the smallest and the largest input given. (irrespective of the input numbers in ascending or decending order).
x=[10,100]; %input
p=primes(max(x)); %calculate all the prime numbers less than min(x)
p1=primes(min(x)); %calculate all the prime numbers less then max(x)
y=setdiff(p,p1); % Set difference of two arrays
result = y'; %Converts the row vector to Column vector
Refer to the documentation on "setdiff()" for more information on difference of two arrays.

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