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MATLAB R2021a can't open

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Niguse Abebe Hagos
Niguse Abebe Hagos il 28 Apr 2021
My MATLAB R2021a can't open, after some times working suddenly stopped. Why is this happening? What is the solution?
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Jan il 28 Apr 2021
The question does not contain enough information to be answered. Possible causes:
  • Damaged computer: Harddisk, SSD, CPU, RAM, ...
  • Damaged Matlab functions
  • Damaged Matlab PATH
  • Damaged preferences
It depends on what "suddenly" exactly means. What did you do before? What do you observe now? Is there an error message?
Niguse Abebe Hagos
Niguse Abebe Hagos il 28 Apr 2021
Thanks Jan,
Initially it was working normal, after a time (about two weeks) it doesn't open (no message display at all). Computer is normal and I installed again, but still can't open the matlab.

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Shubham Khatri
Shubham Khatri il 4 Mag 2021
This can happen for a number of reasons. Please refer to these community answers for your support.
If the problem persists, please reach out to the MathWorks Support here.
Hope it helps
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Niguse Abebe Hagos
Niguse Abebe Hagos il 6 Mag 2021
As I attempt to activate my license, I reach the login "user name& Password" step and find that my username is correct but it repeats same request and not allow me to pass for activation or open the installed matlab. So what should I do?

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