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How to automate reading multiple HDF files and saving the information from it?

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I currently have a folder with 15.000 HDF files all named YYYYMMDD.HDF from data since 1997. So the first file is 19970101.HDF and the last one is 20203131.HDF
Each of these files has a matrix I need to save the values of (precipitation values)
I can exctract the matrix for one of these files, which gets saved as ans.mat in my workplace.
Ideally I need a way to read all these HDF files and have them saved with their original name but in .mat, so 19970101.mat
I've tried plenty of things for the last 3 days but I can't come up with how to automate this process. I appreciate any help I can get.
Thanks in advance.

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Vatsal il 1 Mar 2024
Automating the reading of HDF files and saving the extracted information as .mat files with their original names can be achieved by writing a MATLAB script.
Below is an example illustrating how to implement this process:
% Define the folder where your HDF files are located
folderPath = 'path_to_your_folder'; % Replace with your folder path
% Get a list of all HDF files in the folder
hdfFiles = dir(fullfile(folderPath, '*.HDF'));
% Loop through each HDF file
for k = 1:length(hdfFiles)
% Construct the full file path
hdfFilePath = fullfile(folderPath, hdfFiles(k).name);
% Read the precipitation matrix from the HDF file
precipitation = hdfread(hdfFilePath, 'precipitation');
% Construct the new file name by replacing the HDF extension with MAT
matFileName = strrep(hdfFiles(k).name, '.HDF', '.mat');
% Construct the full path for the new .mat file
matFilePath = fullfile(folderPath, matFileName);
% Save the precipitation matrix to a .mat file
save(matFilePath, 'precipitation');
% Display a message when the process is complete
disp('All files have been processed and saved as .mat files.');
I hope this helps!




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