How can you have two different legend charts on the same plots with different titles?

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I have a a figure where I am trying to plot 6 different graphs. 3 of these graphs belong to a particular subset which represent components x, y, and z. The other 3 below to another subset which also contain x,y , and z components. I would like to have two differnet legend plots on the same graph with a differnt title where the titles are 'Subset 1' and 'Subset 2'.
Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi on 3 May 2021

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Accepted Answer

Divya Gaddipati
Divya Gaddipati on 13 May 2021
You can try the following approach:
  • You will need to have two plots per line (with each plot using one property) if you need two legends.
  • Then add the legend for the first property by only using the lines that are representative of the first property.
  • You can then use the 'copyobj' function to copy the legend and its axis.
  • Then in the new axis you can change the legend in that handle to be the legend of only those lines that are representative of the second property.
  • Make sure that both the legends are outside the plot. You can make one of the axis invisible if needed.
ah = axes;
x = linspace(0, 3*pi);
y1 = sin(x);
y2 = sin(x - pi/4);
hold on;
p1 = plot(x,y1);
p3 = plot(x,y1, '*');
p2 = plot(x,y2);
p4 = plot(x,y2,'+');
hold off
%% Plot the first legend
lh = legend(ah, [p1 p2], 'p1', 'p2');
%% Copy the axes and plot the second legned
ah2 = copyobj( ah, gcf);
lh2 = legend(ah2, [p3 p4], 'p3', 'p4');

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