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Installing standalone .exe application using matlab runtime installer.

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I have packaged a standalone application using Matlab Compiler(R2020a). At that time, I did not have option to choose the matlab runtime version with which I want to package my application. Is it possible to install an app packaged with matlab runtime 9.8 in another device which has matlab runtime 9.4? if not is there any other way to do it??

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Kojiro Saito
Kojiro Saito il 6 Mag 2021
MATLAB Runtime version must be the same as MATLAB which stanadlone application was created. So, it's needed to install MATLAB Runtime 9.8 on the target machine.
MATLAB Runtime is free and you can download it from the following link.

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daffodil software
daffodil software il 12 Apr 2024
When you package a standalone application using MATLAB Compiler, it is built to run against a specific version of the MATLAB Runtime. The MATLAB Runtime version corresponds to the version of MATLAB used to compile the application. For example, applications compiled with MATLAB R2020a require MATLAB Runtime version 9.8.
Here are the steps and considerations to address your situation:
1. MATLAB Runtime Compatibility: Generally, a standalone application compiled with a certain version of MATLAB Compiler will only work with the same version of MATLAB Runtime. Therefore, an application packaged with MATLAB Runtime 9.8 is not compatible with MATLAB Runtime 9.4.
2. Solution - Installing the Correct MATLAB Runtime: To run your standalone application on another device, you need to install the corresponding MATLAB Runtime 9.8 on that device. The MATLAB Runtime is freely distributable and can be downloaded from the MathWorks website.
Here's how to install the correct MATLAB Runtime version:
- Visit the MATLAB Runtime download page on the MathWorks website.
- Select the version that matches the one used for compiling the application (in your case, MATLAB Runtime 9.8).
- Download the installer for the appropriate operating system.
- Run the installer on the target device where you wish to run the standalone application.
3. Alternative - Recompile the Application: If, for some reason, you must use MATLAB Runtime 9.4 on the target device, you would need to recompile your application using MATLAB R2019a, which corresponds to MATLAB Runtime 9.4. This, of course, assumes you have access to MATLAB R2019a.
4. Considerations for Future Compatibility: If you foresee the need to run your application on devices with different versions of MATLAB Runtime, you might consider the following:
- Compile your application with the oldest version of MATLAB that you expect to support. Newer versions of MATLAB Runtime are generally backward compatible with applications compiled with earlier versions of MATLAB.
- Include instructions or an installer script with your application that checks for and installs the correct version of MATLAB Runtime.
Remember, specific compatibility details and support for different versions of MATLAB and MATLAB Runtime can be found in MathWorks documentation or by contacting MathWorks support. Always consult the official compatibility information to ensure proper functioning of your standalone applications. Also checkout these two pages telemedicine software development and software engineering services for more clear vieew on it or ask for assistance

Unthinkable sol
Unthinkable sol il 17 Apr 2024
The error message "HttpSendRequest failed:12029" when installing a standalone MATLAB application is usually related to a network connection problem. Error code 12029 corresponds to a failure to connect to the server, which can be caused by a number of factors, such as firewall settings, Internet connection problems, or configuration problems.Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot and resolve this issue based on common solutions and my own system features:Manual download: If an error occurs during the automatic update or installation download, consider manually downloading the necessary files from the MATLAB website and then proceed with the installation.
Contacting Support: If none of the above steps help, contact MathWorks Support. They can provide specific instructions based on system logs and error reports.
Network Diagnostics: Run network diagnostics on your computer to check for problems that may be blocking your connection. In Windows, you can use the built-in network troubleshooter.Note that the exact solution may vary depending on your environment and the version of MATLAB you are installing. Before changing any network or security settings, always make sure that the troubleshooting is appropriate for your system and that you have the necessary permissions or credentials. You can also visit these pages to see the solution for the phrase Healthcare Software Development Services and UI/UX Design Services, both pages have the same problems and were then shortened by following the instructions above..

Divyesh il 16 Mag 2024
No, unfortunately, installing an application packaged with MATLAB Runtime 9.8 on a device with only Runtime 9.4 won't work. Here's why:
  • Compiled for Specific Runtime: The MATLAB Compiler creates standalone applications that are dependent on a specific version of the MATLAB Runtime. The application uses functions and libraries included within that particular runtime version.
  • Compatibility Issues: Applications compiled with Runtime 9.8 might not find the necessary functions or libraries in Runtime 9.4, leading to errors or crashes.
Here are your options:
  1. Recompile with Runtime 9.4:
  • The ideal solution is to recompile your application using MATLAB Compiler with Runtime 9.4. This ensures compatibility with the target device. You can download the specific Runtime version from the MathWorks website.
  1. Install Runtime 9.8 on the Target Device:
  • If recompiling isn't feasible, you can install the compatible MATLAB Runtime 9.8 on the target device. This allows the application to function as intended.
Additional Considerations:
  • Check the documentation for MATLAB Compiler to confirm if there are any compatibility workarounds for slight runtime version differences.
  • Consider using a virtual machine (VM) pre-configured with Runtime 9.8 to run your application if installing the runtime on the target device is not an option. You can also visit these pages to see the solution for the phrase custom healthcare software development and Hippa compliant software development both pages have the same problems and were then shortened by following the instructions above..


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