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How do I locate and mark indexes in my data?

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Serhat Sayim
Serhat Sayim il 9 Mag 2021
Chiuso: Rik il 9 Mag 2021
I have a 1x144000 scale "ses" file. With the code "buffer," I translated them into 400x720 arrays with 200 overlap. I calculated a value (feature) called mean crossing irregularity based on this detail, and this is a 1x720 size file. I choose 0.4 as the threshold based on this estimate. I've made a table that labels those with a value greater than 0.4 as "non-wheeze" and those with a value less than 0.4 as "wheeze". My goal is to find the indexes for these "wheezes" and mark them with vertical lines in the "ses" file, but I can't find the indexes, so I can't mark them. The codes are shown in the attachments, as well as a table for labeling wheezes and non-wheezes. Can you help me to do this? Thank you.
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Rik il 9 Mag 2021
@furkan akhan just posted an equivalent question, so I'm closing this as a duplicate.

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