how to find the distance of all objects in given image

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DGM on 11 May 2021
Edited: DGM on 11 May 2021
This will give an array mapping the distance from every object to every other object. You could reduce this with triu() if you want, due to the symmetry.
inpict = rgb2gray(imread('dots.jpeg'))>128;
L = bwlabel(inpict); % this identfies all the objects
C = regionprops(inpict,'centroid');
C = vertcat(C.Centroid);
D = sqrt((C(:,1)-C(:,1).').^2 + (C(:,2)-C(:,2).').^2);
If you wanted to find the distance to the nearest object, you could use this (there are probably other ways).
D(abs(D)<1E-6) = NaN; % remove zeros
[Dn Nn] = min(D,[],2); % minimize
% Dn is distance to nearest neighbor
% Nn is nearest neighbor
Rahul punk
Rahul punk on 22 May 2021
i d'nt required center distance i have only required corner to corner distances. i agree with DGm Answer.

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