symmetry x axis y axis plotting

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ljaseon on 11 May 2021
Commented: ljaseon on 12 May 2021
i have a problem to plotting something i have a code but code is so complex that i didnt bring that code
i just uploaded the picture the situation that what i want it
i have a code that shows in 1 region when plotting figure shows to quarter region
but what i want it is to full region like this picture
,what i want it is to shown origin and symmetryed region at the same figure
symmetry x axis ,y axis
how can do I? what function or what command i should input?

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Bob Thompson
Bob Thompson on 11 May 2021
Without seeing the code I can't be very specific. Something like the following should work:
hold on
I think you might also be able to put them all in one plot command, but I don't do that very often, or at least reduce the number of calls.
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ljaseon on 12 May 2021
Thanks for helping !! i got it !!

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