I'm trying to write a bit of user friendly code where the user is prompted to enter file names and the names will be stored in an array. However, I keep getting errors. Can someone fix this code below?

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%create a vector of day files
%first prompt the user for how many files they will process
IterationDay = input('How many days are you interested in processing? ');
%create a 'for' loop to write file names to matrix
for i=1:IterationDay
dayvec(i) = input('Please enter a file name: ','s');
for i=1:length(dayvec)
Day = dayvec(i);
%At this point another program would be called to sequentially deal with each
%day file. The files are in a format 'YYYYMMDD.csv'. It is the '.csv' that
%seems to stump the program (otherwise I can read in the name as a number and
%easily store it in an array) but I don't know how to read the files in without
%the '.csv'

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Seth DeLand
Seth DeLand il 23 Lug 2013
Two things that I think will help:
1) Use a cell array to store the names of the files rather than an array. This will be easier to index into and will be easier if the lengths of your file names ever change. With a cell array:
dayvec = cell(IterationDay,1);
for i=1:IterationDay
dayvec{i} = input('Please enter a file name: ','s');
2) You could combine the file name along with the extension using a string concatenation:
for i=1:length(dayvec)
FilenameWithExtension = [dayvec{i} '.csv'];

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