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How does Matlab calculate an antenna's input impedance?

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When I use the impedance(ant,f) function, I get an answer for the input impedance (Zin) of the antenna, but how is Zin related to the surface current density matrix obtained using current(ant,f) ? I am having difficulty calculating Zin = Vin/Iin manually to validate Zin. I am using a custom mesh such as the one here
[K,p] = c.current(100e6); % K is a surface current density in A/m
Zin = c.impedance(100e6) % how is Zin related to K?

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Arthi Sathyamurthi
Arthi Sathyamurthi il 29 Lug 2021
Once the custom mesh and feedpoint is created, the impedance function calculates the input impedance of the antenna by finding the feed edge and further calculating the current from the same. The input impedance calculation necessarily does not take the current distribution on the array surface.




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