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Can we run a very large array computation on Matlab online?

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I am using Matlab academic license.
I want to run a program with very larger matrix computation on Matlab online. The size of the required RAM if I use my computer is about 32GB.
I have 3 questions:
  • What is the configuration of Matlab online?
  • Is it possible if I use Matlab online for very large arrays like this?
  • Is there any option to pay for higher configuration for Matlab online?
Thank you!

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Rishik Ramena
Rishik Ramena il 25 Mag 2021
A MATLAB Online session is a linux instance in one of the MathWorks servers. So, all the linux commands to find the system and hardware information will work.
  • The CPU information for your current MATLAB Online session can be found out using the command system('cat /proc/cpuinfo') on the MATLAB online command window.
  • Similarly, the memory limits of of your current MATLAB Online session can be checked using the command system('cat /proc/meminfo').
  • You get a 5GB space to store your outputs with a license and currently there's no option to purchase more or pay for a higher configuration system.
Also you can find the limitations of MATLAB online here. You can also have a look at the MATLAB Parallel Server if it suits your purpose.
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Nguyen Van Hieu
Nguyen Van Hieu il 26 Mag 2021
Thank you for your recomendation! I am requesting a try on MATLAB Parallel Sever.
I have one more question. What is the configuration and limitation of MATLAB Parallel Sever?

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