How to get a non integer value from uicomponent slider (Jslider) in Matlab?

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I have written this function in Matlab (using a function from the Matlab File Exchange:
function [] = fun()
slider = uicomponent('style','slider', 'position',[50,50,200,45], ...
'value',0.0, 'MajorTickSpacing',2, ...
'MinorTickSpacing',1, 'Paintlabels',1, ...
'PaintTicks',1, 'Orientation',0);
slider.Minimum = -2.05;
slider.Maximum = 2.25;
slider.StateChangedCallback = @myMatlabFunction;
function myMatlabFunction(o,~)
disp(get(o, 'value'))
When I move the slider, I only get an integer values. I'd like to get floating-point values, e.g., 2.1. How?

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Suman Saha
Suman Saha on 7 Aug 2013
function [] = ANALOGCOMM(action) if nargin<1, action='initialize'; end; if strcmp(action,'initialize') close all; figure
sld1Hndl=uicontrol('Style','slider','Tag','sl','Units','inches', ... 'Position',[3 2-0.4 1 0.3],'BackgroundColor',0.6*[0 1 1],'Callback','ANALOGCOMM(''build'')'); uicontrol('Style','text','String','Amplitude','Units','inches','FontName','monotype corsiva', ... 'Position',[3 2 1 0.4],'BackgroundColor',0.3*[0 0 1],'FontSize',15,... 'ForegroundColor',0.9*[1 0 1]); uicontrol('Style','text','Tag','sld','String',' ','Units','inches','FontName','monotype corsiva', ... 'Position',[3 1.1 2 0.4],'BackgroundColor',0.3*[0 0 1],'FontSize',15,... 'ForegroundColor',0.9*[1 0 1]); elseif strcmp(action,'build') VALUE=50; %Change the value & see changes A=VALUE*get(findobj(gcf,'Tag','sl'),'Value'); set(findobj(gcf,'Tag','sld'),'String',sprintf('%f Volt',A));


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