How can I remove the nan value (with index code -1) while reading a tiff image in Matlab

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How can I remove the blue background (shown in attachment) which is representing nan values with index code -1 while reading a tiff image in Matlab
I am using the following code for reading a tiff image
filename = 'D:\Rainfall\Rainfall.tif';
[A, cmap] = imread(filename);
imshow(A, cmap)
caxis ([0 3500])
Cbar_tick = 0:500:3500;
Cbar_ticklabel = string(Cbar_tick);
cb = colorbar('southoutside', 'Ticks',Cbar_tick, 'TickLabels',Cbar_ticklabel);
cb.Position = [0.25 0.07 0.5 0.018];
cb.FontSize = 8.5;
cb.Color = 'k';
cb.TickLength = 0.019;
cb.TickDirection = 'out';
cb.Label.String = 'Rainfall (mm)';
cb.Label.FontSize = 9;
cb.Label.FontWeight = 'normal';

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Rishik Ramena
Rishik Ramena on 31 May 2021
You can try using the read function to read the tiff image. This function takes in a tiff obejct as input, so create a tiff object and pass it as a parameter to this function. Have a look at the examples here.


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