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Extracting a double from a text file

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Rica il 28 Mag 2021
Commentato: Mathieu NOE il 31 Mag 2021
Hi everone,
I want to extract the number that in front of Volt[M/Y] from alarge Text file. the structure of the file is described bellow. After reading the files in matlab, i want to look for the numbers in front of Volt [M/Y]. I succeded reading the files, and i also tried to solve the task with the matlab function regexp:
Data= regexp(A,'M/Y]\s*\w*$','tokens');
I have a dificulty to write the aproppriate expression to save the right number. Could you plase give any hints?
Thank you
2.420 -28.87 3.0710
2.430 -30.82 2.1945
Volt [M/Y] -12.258812
700 -30.39 1.9684
900 -29.60 2.1034
Volt [M/Y] 100.05

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Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE il 28 Mag 2021
my 2 cents suggestion (as I still struggle with regexp !)
bs = split(fileread('data.txt'));
values = bs(find(strcmp(bs,'[M/Y]')>0) + 1);
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Rica il 28 Mag 2021
Thank you Mathieu. Great way to solve it. I learnt something new!
Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE il 31 Mag 2021
My pleasure
still have to workout regexp !!

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