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Match Sorting Recursion Error

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Jakeb Chouinard
Jakeb Chouinard il 29 Mag 2021
Risposto: Jakeb Chouinard il 29 Mag 2021
Hi all,
I'm somewhat new to recursion using Matlab, and I'm running into an error using R2021a. The controlling code is written in a live script file. I'll attach a picture of it (and the error I'm getting) below as well as the code for the function. Hopefully you all can point me in the right direction, because honestly, I'm out of ideas. I know the input data is in the right format and contains values that should work.
Cheers and thanks for your help!

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Jakeb Chouinard
Jakeb Chouinard il 29 Mag 2021
Found the problem:
The middle line below was missing in the original code, and as a result, it would return no values.

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