Integrate a matrix over a surface

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Maryam on 9 Aug 2013
Hello all
I want to know how can I integrate a matrix in MATLAB. Basically, I have a rectangular region in which x is from xmin:xmax and y is from ymin and ymax. I have the the coordinates of all the points in this region in discrete values. This means that I have two matrices of x and y which show the locations on my rectangular region. On each of these locations I have a z value (showing the pressure coefficient). So, for example x(1,1), Y(1,1), and z(1,1) show the x location, y location, and the value of pressure coefficient on location 1, respectively. I need to integrate my z matrix over my rectangular region (I want to calculate lift force from z*area). I read somewhere that using trapz two times can give the integral of my matrix z. However, I do not know which intervals is considered in trapz. I have searched the net alot but I could not find any solution. Does anyone know how I can do this integration?
Regards Maryam

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