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Difference between using single quotes ('xyz') and double quotes ("xyz") in formatspec

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What is the difference between using single quotes ('xyz') and double quotes ("xyz") in formatspec?

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James Tursa
James Tursa il 1 Giu 2021
Modificato: James Tursa il 1 Giu 2021
In MATLAB, single quotes ' ' are used to create char type variables, and double quotes " " are used to create string type variables.
Char type variables are simple rectangular arrays of characters:
String type variables are OOP objects that have many features that are not available with char type variables, such as creating arrays of varying length strings:
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Steven Lord
Steven Lord il 1 Giu 2021
One difference that's specific to the circumstances of using them in a format specifier of a call to sprintf is that the result will be the same type as the format specifier as stated in the section of the documentation page that describes the str output.
c = sprintf('%d %d %d', 1:3)
c = '1 2 3'
s = sprintf("%d %d %d", 1:3)
s = "1 2 3"
whos c s
Name Size Bytes Class Attributes c 1x5 10 char s 1x1 150 string

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