For loop or if condition?

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Nikola on 23 Aug 2013
I solved system of differential equations that present temperature values in two rooms. Now, I want to apply thermostat control which is active if temperature drops below 18 or go above 20 degrees. Is this loop correct?
for i=1:t t(i)=84600; if(T(i)>=18 && T(i)<=20) go else stop end end
Or is better to use if statement?
Thanks in advance!
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Nikola on 5 Sep 2013
I defined heater function apart from function which solves system of equations. Now, I embed heater function into function with equations since I want to make responses of the heater when temperature is out of given bounds.
Can I send you code to see is it correct or suggest me what can I do to fix that?

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UJJWAL on 23 Aug 2013
First of all, this is not a correctly asked question.
Put your code in a correct format and be of a more explanatory nature.
While you mention 'OR' in your question , the code contains '&&' which stands for "AND".

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Nikola on 23 Aug 2013
Thanks for quick answer. I used this procedure bu program reports some error. Yes, I know meaning of this logical operators but I didn't set question well.
So, if for loop reports error, should I use if statement instead?
Nikola on 28 Aug 2013
@UJJWAL Hi, I solved system and now I have to define another function called heater. Heater should be function [on,off] = heater(T1,T2) on = true; off = else; if(T1<18 (T1>= 18 && T1<=20)) heater on = 1; else if (T2<18 (T2>=18 && T2<= 20)) heater on = 1; else heater off = 1; end;
Could you check is it correct and should I make some corrections? Thanks a lot in advance!

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