How to find percentage of white pixels in a binary image?

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I took this image and converted it to binary image. then i filtered the image to remove the noise. after that i applied the dilate and erode process to make it more clear, afterthat i want to find the %age of white pixels which are actually the micro-cracks in a solar panel. i have used the code but I'm not getting any result. kindly take a look on the .m file to understand better.
any help will be apprecited.
thanks in advance.

Accepted Answer

Simon Allosserie
Simon Allosserie on 14 Jun 2021
You could simply use nnz(A), which gives the number of non-zero elements in the matrix A, and numel(A), which gives the total number of elements in A. As white is '1' and black is '0' in your binary image, using nnz(A)/numel(A) gives you the percentage of white pixels.
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