MATLAB Job Scheduler job storage location

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Maria il 15 Giu 2021
Commentato: Maria il 21 Giu 2021
I have a cluster with several nodes, running Debian, and I use the Matlab Job Scheduler, configured with the mjs service. I was never actively setting up the "Job Storage location". I looked in the the documentation but I did not find any specific information on where the folder with the .log files should be. Any help?

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Edric Ellis
Edric Ellis il 16 Giu 2021
If you're referring to the JobStorageLocation property of the parallel.Cluster object you get back from parcluster - you do not need to specify that in MATLAB for an MJS cluster. (In fact, you can't modify it there). All parallel.Cluster objects have a JobStorageLocation property for consistency, but for an MJS cluster, it simply tells you where the data resides.
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Maria il 21 Giu 2021
Thanks, it is more clear now. I also found out commands like
, and

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