How to make a 2-d binary shape a little more round?

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Hi All,
I'm new to image processing, and hope you can help: I managed to generate a binary mask indicating the location of roundish shapes in an image. The problem is that sometimes the mask is not very round and I want make it a little rounder, i.e., smooth the irregularities a bit, but not loose the original shape. Can anyone suggest a way to do that?
Thanks, Rachel

Accepted Answer

Jan on 1 Jun 2011
You can try IMDILATE(IMERODE(Image)):
img = imread('text.png');
radius = 1;
imga = imdilate(img, strel('disk', radius));
imgb = imerode(img, strel('disk', radius));
A bigger radius removes more details.

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Wolfgang Schwanghart
Wolfgang Schwanghart on 1 Jun 2011
You could also use a median filter to remove small objects and irregular boundaries. In a BW image, the median image would act like a majority filter.

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