How to specify matrix type response and predictor variables for a regression model

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I have created a neural network with a regression output layer. My response as well as predictor data are 1000*2 matrices. Currently, I am only able to specify a single data sample to the network when I use trainNetwork, but I am not able to feed the entire dataset. I tried to solve this problem by using 3D arrays, but that is not working. Can anyone please help me out? Currently I am only able to input: trainNetwork(L1, P1, layers, options), and I have matrices ranging from L1 to L50 and similarly for P, and I want to specify all these matrices as response and predictor data respectively.

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Madhav Thakker
Madhav Thakker on 29 Jun 2021
Hi Sumedh,
I understand you want to train on more than 1 input datapoint at a time. Have a look at batching documentation to see if this helps you.
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Sumedh Soman
Sumedh Soman on 30 Jun 2021
Hello, Thanks a lot for the answer, the approach I followed after reading batch documentation has worked. Thanks for helping me out!

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