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Generate a specified number of pulse signals using NI USB-6211

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Hello all,
I need to generate a specified number of pulse signals using NI USB6211 and MATLAB daq toolbox. For example, 60 pulses are in need in about 1min of time. I'm now using code as follow. I use
to control the number of pulse. But if the Frequency is high and Time is long, the number of pulse may not agree with my expect.
Can I generate a specified number of pulse signals with Counter output port in USB-6211 directly with MATLAB code?
I need precise control of number of the counter pulse and not too care about the time of pulse train.
test = daq.createSession('ni');
ch.Frequency=1; % Palse per second
Thanks for your help.

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Brahmadev il 17 Mag 2024
You can refer to the following example to generate a pulse signal for generating pulse signals with NI devices:
Hope this helps!




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