when I ran a MATLAB app I created I get Warning: Marker input is ignored in command prompt. What this means

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Marker input is ignored
Nitin Phadkule
Nitin Phadkule on 24 Jun 2021
>> [msg,warnID] = lastwarn
msg =
'Marker input is ignored.'
warnID =

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Accepted Answer

Nitin Phadkule
Nitin Phadkule on 25 Jun 2021
Thanks for the reply, i got the reson of error but i want markers to be shown below. Please suggest how to supress warning.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 25 Jun 2021
Something in your code invokes either xline() or yline(), and specifies a marker in doing so. For example,
xline(4, 'r*')
However, xline() and yline() do not permit markers.




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