How can I set the labels of multiple axes without iteration?

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Yazan on 28 Jun 2021
Commented: Cam Salzberger on 7 Jul 2021
Hello all,
I have a figure with multiple uipanels, each with its own axes. How can I set the labels of all the pannels' axes at once without having to use iterations? I am assuming that the axes of all pannels should have the same label.

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Cam Salzberger
Cam Salzberger on 28 Jun 2021
Hello Yazan,
If, as you create the axes, you save the handles to one reference axes array, you can easily set the labels like so:
xlabel(axesArray, "LabelX")
ylabel(axesArray, "LabelY")
If you don't have an array of axes, and it's not feasible to get one while setting up the figures, you can use findobj to get that list:
axesArray = findobj(figureHandle, "Type", "axes");
This searches all nested children by default, though you can set limits on that.
Cam Salzberger
Cam Salzberger on 7 Jul 2021
Well, it looks like they made xlabel vectorized at some point, but not in R2019b. So here's a quick workaround, if you don't want to use loops.
allAxes = [ax1, ax2];
% or
allAxes = findobj(f, 'Type', 'axes');
arrayfun(@(hAx) xlabel(hAx, 'XLabel'), allAxes)

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