How to follow the progress of fminunc

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Gurra on 30 Jun 2021
Commented: Gurra on 30 Jun 2021
I would like to follow the progress of fminunc is some suitable way. What I can see, there seems to be something called "PlotFcns" in the fminunc.m. Can it be used to plot the progress in some way, like for instance the cost vs nbr iterations, continuously updated during the optimization?
If so, how do I activate the PlotFcns, when calling the fminunc?
If not, is there any other good way to follow the progress? Can I access the final cost in some way aswell?

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Alan Weiss
Alan Weiss on 30 Jun 2021
See the Plot Functions topic.
Alan Weiss
MATLAB mathematical toolbox documentation
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Gurra on 30 Jun 2021
Thanks! I found the solution following the link by @Alan Weiss
For the sake of other users: I simply added 'PlotFcn', @optimplotfval to the options structure (in my code using optimset).
options = optimset('MaxIter', 100,'PlotFcn',@optimplotfval);

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