m files wont open 2019b

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Nick Martucci
Nick Martucci il 1 Lug 2021
Risposto: Nick Martucci il 1 Lug 2021
When I add a particular directory to my path (of a tool that was created by someone else), suddenly I cannot open any m files at all. even ones I created myself that are not from that tool. When I try to open them (or use edit filename) I get the error:
"fileparts requires a MAP_toolbox license"
I have tried 2016b and 2019b. I only get this error when using 2019b and I only get the error after adding the path. I can open the files in that tool if I don't add the path, but I havent checked every single file as there are many.
Is there a particular filetype that might cause this error?

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Amit Bhowmick
Amit Bhowmick il 1 Lug 2021
Contact the developer of tool box for license issue

Nick Martucci
Nick Martucci il 1 Lug 2021
I figured out my own problem... The tool had a function called "fileparts" that matlab was trying to use to open m files. Removing this function resloved the issue. However I am unsure why 2016b did not have the same issue.


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