Error when plot loaded .mat file in app designer

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Hi !
I'm trying to plot data got from a .mat file but the following error pops up:
Error using plot
Unrecognized property x for class Line.
Error in app1/draw (line 25)
plot(app.UIAxes, t,x_grad(:,1))
Here are the code what I use:
I save the variables in two separate files
where x is a 61x2 matrix and w 61x1 vector
Then I load the two files and plot:
w_grad = load('w_gradiens_lotka.mat','w');
x_grad = load('x_gradiens_lotka.mat','x');
%I have three charts:
plot(app.UIAxes, t,x_grad(:,1))
plot(app.UIAxes2, t,x_grad(:,2))
plot(app.UIAxes3, t,w_grad)
I dont know what did I miss here ...
Thank you for your help !

Accepted Answer

Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes on 2 Jul 2021
Aron - I suggest you use the MATLAB debugger to step through the code and see what the variables
w_grad = load('w_gradiens_lotka.mat','w');
x_grad = load('x_gradiens_lotka.mat','x');
look like. I suspect that both are structures and that x_grad might have a field named x. In which case, your code would need to look like
plot(app.UIAxes, t,x_grad.x(:,1))
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Aron Horvath
Aron Horvath on 2 Jul 2021
Yes, it was a struct, not a vector that was the thing what I missed, Thank you !

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