missing parameter to change fixed step size via code

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Hey there,
i just want to know, how the hell i can set fixed-step size programmatically.
If I'm glancing here
and here
so far i cannot really get a clearly parameter name to set the following value via code.
But obviously i could set it manually in the model properties tab.
So there have to be aaaannnny parameter, which is changing this 0.1 via code, but i cannot find it.
when i'm trying ...
mdl = 'blaaa';
% load configuration:
mdlConfObj = getActiveConfigSet(mdl);
% read some parameters:
get_param(mdlConfObj,'fundamental sample time')
get_param(mdlConfObj,'Fixed-step size')
get_param(mdlConfObj,'fixed-step size')
get_param(mdlConfObj,'fixed step')
...and many more
% set some parameter:
set_param(mdlConfObj,'fundamental sample time')
% setActiveConfigSet(mdl,'mdlConfObj'); % not yet
there is no way. i always get alerts like this
Property 'Fixed-step size' does not exist
Does anybody know what i have to type to get the damn 0.1 changed (via script!!!) ? This is so badly documented..
many thanks

Accepted Answer

Peter O
Peter O on 4 Jul 2021
CurrentTimeStep = get_param(gcs, 'FixedStep');
gcs is a MATLAB call for "get current system".
You can extract all of the top level parameters:
And for block level parameters:
Does that help?
Bass Tea
Bass Tea on 6 Jul 2021
hi hi :),
  1. yah, it was meant to be at a fixed sampling time, whatever simulation interval was. i wanted to get the results at fixed timestamps and this equidistant behavior shouldn't vary from simulation's start time til simulation's end time
  2. yah, indeed. i was sweeping a parameter and wanted to use multiple CPU cores to calculate the multiple simulations
  3. this is very interesting. i gonna try out right now. so far i did the simulation with that older ...
sim('model', 'wanted timestamps')
  • ... command. yah, you are right, this shouldn't be used in v2021 ^.^ If i can get the same behavior with that hints you mentioned, i'm totally fine with it (the bullet list at the beginning of this line is just to indent correctly)
Many thanks @Peter O for your effort. i really appreciate it. =) !
Take Care

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