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Unexpected noise in output voltage for buck converter

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Hello! I'm trying to simulate the buck converter using statespace equations. I don't understand why the output voltage has a ripple in the second photo (uncompensated system) and then, in the first one there is no ripple (compensated system)
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Vasilica Cioban
Vasilica Cioban il 4 Lug 2021
Modificato: Vasilica Cioban il 4 Lug 2021
no, this isnt the problem. i tried to zoom in the both of them and the first one is just a line without any ripple

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Pat Gipper
Pat Gipper il 6 Lug 2021
The Puse Generator has a period of 1/100000 seconds, which is injecting 100 KHz pulses into your system. The ripple is simply the response to those pulse. Try setting Period=10 and Amplitude=24 and you will get rid of the ripple.




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